July 9, 2014

Benefit of Living in India...

I can buy really cute pajamas in the States and wear them as clothes in India.

May 29, 2014

Car Talk

Mumbai traffic is much like bumper cars. It's perfectly acceptable to 'tap in' when parking. Motorcycles and rickshaws pass between vehicles, moving or parked, as long a they can wiggle through. Scooters often know when to 'stop' after they've hit the back of your car. Bigger vehicles command dominance over smaller ones, regardless of right of way. And traffic laws are mostly optional.

So after almost a year of driving in India, my car has accumulated its fair share of scrapes and scratches.  With monsoon only a few weeks away, I decided I ought to get it detailed to prevent any further damage, even though it'll be in storage over the summer.

One of the selling points of the dealership from which I bought my car was that it not only provided insurance, but also a full service maintenance garage. One stop everything - which is a luxury in India! I gave them a call, arranged the pick up, and off they went with my car. By afternoon they sent a text message with the cost breakdown and service time.

Here's what part of the message said:

      "Front both side repair work done properly, polishing also done…
now your brio car looking so priety, like black beauty!!"

May 26, 2014

Inside My Head

There's a voice I hear

In my head sometimes,

That's definitely not my own.

It's sharp and stern,

Shocked, though amused, and

Accompanied by a look of disbelief. 

I love this voice.

It makes me smile.

It's my measure for everything funny.

Sometimes it's my dad.

Sometimes it's Thea Mary.

And it only ever says one thing.

'What the hell's the matter with you?!' 

May 22, 2014

This One's For You, Bango!

This guy flipped a full cement truck on the main street in the financial district right at rush hour. AWESOME! 

May 11, 2014

Kitchen Sunshine

Nothing better than sunshine through the kitchen window and fresh vegetables. 

May 10, 2014

India is Awesome

I was awoken from sleep with a sharp pain on my face. So bad, I had to go to the mirror to check it out. 

I now have a fat, swollen lip the size of a kumquat, along with two other welts, each the size of a quarter, from some mysterious insect that attacked me while under my mosquito net! 


April 29, 2014

Chicken Run

These chicken transport trucks speed down the road with bouncing, bruised fowl as cargo, cram packed into cages, feathers and feces flying everywhere, as those whose necks are soon to be wrung sit atop those already lifeless. 

I don't eat chicken in India.